Zubi’s Letters on Logistics, Deliveries & Atlas Cargo Express

It is the 8th month since our business started and it looks like we have experienced everything; the pressure, the disappointment, breakdowns, fuel scarcity, lack of power, slow internet, paucity of funds for expansion and much more. While I won’t agree out rightly that I enjoyed all the experiences, I can say that the adventure is worth some good stories and I hope to tell them in these letters; Zubi’s Letters.

One day I found myself alone with our rider in the office and me realizing that he alone knows all our customers. Yes, he meets them and delivers items to them. As the one who manages the orders and Joel (our rider) as he steps out every, I only get to speak to customers on the phone or during the silent moments of typing out messages on WhatsApp.

As it is, except for those who know me personally I have no face or temperament to our customers. The only temperament I am allowed to show through a call or text is that good courteous, polite and considerate business owner with all levels of Emotional Intelligence. Yes, I have had to accommodate the raging disappointments in the voice of faceless customers that the only thing I know is that they pay the bills.

I am left to wonder how many customers know more about me or how I have actually come to know beyond being a customer. That is a tough one.

Logistics as I have experienced is about the connection of people, cities, countries and continents. That is the basic way you can see it. The deliveries take you and your brand from one part of town, city, country or continent to another. Logistics has become the unifying factor of recent globalization. Irrespective of what technology might attain in revealing the rest of the world to you behind your TV or computer, commerce will never end.

That exchange of goods and services. The deliveries take you from one vendor to another buyer. The logistics of picking up an item, packing it and making sure that the receiver gets it in good shape will always be timeless.

Moreover, in the end, you will realize that logistics and deliveries have made commerce faceless; what we now call e-commerce. Sometimes you realize that what connects you to the next person will be a voice call and the item you are sending. In addition, you can do this severally without any thoughts of meeting until you realize that you have been dealing with a customer stranger all along.

I hope you my drift and I say it is a beautiful thing. Logistics and Deliveries are changing the world in ways that will share in my next letter.

Chukwuemeka D. Azubuike                                                                                                
WED. 05/10/2022


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